Shimo Chen

Shimo Chen ’s Bio

1967 Born in Liao Ning, China

1970, Began to study Arts

In 1974, he began to study Chinese painting, and studied under the famous painters Li Kuchan and Wu Zuoren.

From 1975 to 1977, he participated in the Japan Zhahong World Children’s Painting Exhibition and the North Korea Pyongyang World Children’s Painting Exhibition.

 From 1978 to 1979, the work won the Children’s Year Award in Athens, Greece. The National Youth Award won the government award in 1979, and won the award of 2000 yuan and held the first individual exhibition.

 In 1979, while studying Chinese painting, he began to learn Western painting.
 From 1979 to 1983, the works were exhibited in Switzerland, Germany and South Korea.

From 1984 to 1986, he studied sculpture and ceramics in Foshan, China.

1985 Began learning how to sculpture and make pottery in Guangzhou Art School, China. Won the award for young sculptor

1987 Enrolled in China’ s Ru Xun Academy of Fine Arts.
Graduated and won China’ s f‌irst Art Academy show high prize

In 1990, China’s first art college exhibition won the Silver Award.

In 1991-1996, he was invited by the Japan-China Friendship Association to exchange visits and learn Japanese paintings.  Acquired by the Japanese-Chinese Friends Association President Hirayama Yufu and the member of the Akiyama Akiyama.
Won the Japanese Language prize

In 1993-1995, he participated in the World Outstanding Artist Invitational Exhibition, the Japanese National Painting Exhibition,.  The ”Eagle” series was sold for 20 million yen, and the ”Flower” series was sold for 3 million yen.  In 1994-1996, Japan, Tokyo, Kyoto, Daisuke, Nagano, Yamazaki tour exhibitions, and lectures in Tokyo, Yamazaki and other places.

1993 19th Nagano territories artists invited him to Beijing Expo

1994 Went to France to research western painting

 In 1996, his work was exhibited in the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce’s collection of works ”People” $12,000.

1996-1998 China International Art Fair ”Wolf” sold for 380,000 yuan, ”Snow Night” sold 180,000 yuan.

 In 1998, the exhibition visited Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan .

From 1998 to 2000, he participated in the Chinese Artists Thailand Exhibition and Southeast Asia Tour Exhibition. The King of Thailand and the Prime Minister received and collected many works.

1999, Won the ’Memorial Award’ in Hong Kong and Macao joint art exhibition

In 2001-2002, ”Sorrowful” won the 5th National Pen Exhibition Excellence Award and Academic Award.

2002 Won the ’Outstanding Award’ in China’ s f‌ifth industrial art exhibition show

2003, Won the ’Academic Research Award’ in the f‌irst China Industry Expo Academic Award Exhibition.
The work ”Night” won the Penalty Award of Beijing China Institute of Painting.

2004 Won in China‘ s f‌irst National Academy of Arts.
Awarded ‘Art Academic Award‘

In 2015, the Singapore gallery ”Ms.” was sold for $420,000, and the ”Bird” series was sold for S$250,000.

From 2015 to 2019, the artistic creation of the philosophical line system with naturalistic art and the theory of the earth’s ecological destiny was officially started, the independent artistic language was established, and contact with the Kassel Shim (Germany) Art Center and the Dream Gallery Art Center (Hong Kong) were established.