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April 18, 2019 11:11 Qinghai News Net

 Shi Mo, born in 1967 in Shenyang, Liaoning, China, is a descendant of the Aixinjue family.  Contemporary natural humanistic art and contemporary realistic expressionist strength artists, leaders of ecological culture and art, head of China Center of Natural Artists Alliance, founder and pioneer of Chinese natural art, and advocate and organizer of China Natural Literature and Art Alliance.
 Shi Mo was the director of the Center for Eco-Cultural Arts of the China Strategy and Management Research Institute in 2008. He is a senior consultant researcher and executive member of the National Ecological and Cultural Security Innovation Leading Group.  Organizer of the 11th World Wilderness Conference, Vice Chairman and Artistic Director of the Organizing Committee.  The promoter of international ecological culture and art, the founder of the Earth Ecological Destiny Community and the Chinese Naturalistic Art.  He has served as a visiting scholar of the Japan-China Friendship Association and a consultant of the Singapore Municipal Government and a mentor of the Youth League.

Shi Mo immersed itself in the study of European classical art in the mid-to-late 1990s. During the period, it has extensively studied and explored the scientific and artistic aspects of Eastern and Western cultures and art, and achieved remarkable achievements and creations in long-term academic research.  The top art investor Charles Saatchi once praised his work: ”Absolutely undeniable, superb, extraordinary art, will create the next miracle of oriental art!”
Since the age of adolescence, Shimo’s artistic communication footprint has spread all over the world.  Now poetry has enjoyed uncompromising academic strength and reputation in the international natural art world.  Mr. Xia Shuoqi, a famous senior art critic in China, gave him his evaluation: ”Because of his superhuman diligence and creativity combined with the wisdom and knowledge of genius, his artistic skills and artistic position seem to be almost perfect.  Really!” Indeed, his work is as foreign media said: “The true reviewer is all dumped for his superb skills, and his admirers and his collectors are as much as his works!”

Shi Mo is regarded by the industry as the best-known artist with the greatest development potential and artistic quality in the East. It can be said that after China, Lin Fengmian, Zao Wou-Ki, Zhu Dequn and Wu Guanzhong succeeded in bringing the spirit of oriental art to the western art language.  A flawless contemporary contemporary artist with a unique blend of unique and independent cultural and artistic philosophies, theoretical and academic creations, with open-minded ideas and skills.  There are foreign art market reviews, his artistic attainments have reached an amazing level! He is indeed a true artist and dare to stand between the peaks of Chinese and Western art history.  Taking advantage of the masters’ unique talents and transcendent artistic skills, we have magically created unique and brilliant works of art in this era.  The profound reason and the extraordinary potential of his lofty thoughts have amazed the world.  And will certainly write a strong stroke in the history of art.
During his stay in Singapore, Mr. Shi Mo has repeatedly donated works for the Singapore government to conduct charity auctions.  The works are exhibited in countries and regions: the United Kingdom, France, the United States, Japan, Greece, Sweden, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Taiwan.  In 2013, Singapore International Auction, the starting price of the work was 500,000 US dollars.  In 2015, he planned the Eco Art Exhibition of the Milan World Expo in Italy.  On behalf of China and Italy, they applied to the United Nations for the World Animals Day as an international legal festival.
From 2015 to 2019, Mr. Shi Mo was appointed to return to China as the director of the Center for Ecology and Culture of the China Strategy and Management Research Association. During this period, he deeply explored and studied Chinese traditional art theory and art history, and scientifically developed, improved and innovated.  In the perspective of the development of national cultural innovation strategy, the traditional Chinese art (Chinese painting) has been completely summarized and defined.  Combining the current historical period and the development status of traditional Chinese art, we accurately integrate the national ecological culture with Chinese excellent traditional art across history and time and space, and organically combine the ecological cultural genes in excellent traditional culture with contemporary development.  Created a pioneering and epoch-making concept of the academic discipline of ”Contemporary Chinese Natural Art”, and took over the formation of the World Natural Artists Alliance China Branch to help implement the will of the ecological culture, interpret the ”Two Mountains Theory” and the ecological culture with ecological culture and art.  Spiritual conservation ”ecological civilization.”
 Mr. Shi Mo is dedicated to the preparation of the China Branch of the World Association of Natural Artists. He is inspired to build China’s first and only artist with the core theme of natural culture and natural humanism.  Group organization, representing the mainstream art culture of contemporary China, is a world-class artist group organized by the world. The core purpose is to protect the earth with art and awaken humanity with art.  In the future, this will be the most inspiring artistic pioneer of China’s ecological civilization in the era of ecological civilization. It will assume the internationalization of China’s national artistic status, establish an ecological civilization as a distinct cultural background, and adopt the mainstream culture of the country.  The important historical mission of the international discourse system of China’s contemporary advanced art.
As an independent artist, Mr. Shi Mo advocates that the current artistic thinking is “awakening and reflection”. He proposed that human beings should reflect on the meaning and value of civilization itself with a new view of the universe! The cultural foundation of China lies in the integration of nature and man.  The concept of symbiosis in the world.  Naturally, it is natural. Human beings, as mammals evolved from nature, are part of nature; human beings represent nature, and they are one and the same, and there is no need to combine them into one.  Putting forward ”combination” means that human beings consciously separate themselves from the natural environment. People represent nature. Human beings destroy nature. It is tantamount to self-harm. It is a great irony of wisdom and a great insult to itself! 

The Chinese have advocated that ”the combination of man and nature” is correct since ancient times, that is, there is awakening in ancient times, and there is a correct attitude and understanding of the relationship between man and nature. The ecological crisis is the crisis of humanity! Today’s ”capital global  ”Humanization” is precisely the continuation of ”humanism”. The so-called capital is actually the transformation of commodity capital of the earth’s natural resources. Human beings do not care about the limits of nature for the survival competition of their respective groups, and thus the vicious circle leads to resource depletion and ecological crisis.  The ecological culture and art project is the human heart project of redeeming the soul and reconstructing human values.

  Chinese natural art is the use of art to promote the international ecological and cultural movement, spread the earth’s ecological destiny community thinking, save the human crisis and thus protect the earth’s soul design project! In this great undertaking, let art be free from human self-pleasure and capital tools  The category, returning to the enlightenment of human wisdom and reason to find the glory and dignity promised by the unique wisdom of human beings, and as an irreplaceable force of civilization, the sacred mission process of those who have come before the fulfillment and completion of this ancient world  In, get a sublime sublimation!